• Two Stone Diamond Ring

    Celebrate your life and love with this two-stone diamond ring. Nestled side by side, two beautifully matched diamonds are set in 14K white gold.  Accented with sparkling side diamonds to create a brilliant reminder of how much you mean to each other.

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    Two Stone Diamond Ring
  • Diamond Pendants

    A gift of one of our elegantly cut and polished diamond pendants will add the finishing touch to that special woman’s overall fashion statement and style. Cut with the utmost precision artistry, the diamond’s symmetry and proportions focus and direct light through the sparkling stone’s crown for the ultimate brilliance and transparency. Beautifully displayed as a pendant necklace, this diamond is the perfect treasure for you to choose and someone to cherish.
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    Diamond Pendants
  • Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

    Think pink with this beautiful oval tourmaline set amidst sparkling white diamonds in 14k white gold.

    Pink Tourmaline & Diamond Ring
  • Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant

    Pale blue like the springtime sky, this lovely 0.62 carat aquamarine is set in 14k white gold and surrounded by a halo of round diamonds.  The scalloped and milgrained edges lend a sense of elegance to this beautiful pendant.  The birthstone for March, the aquamarine creates a beautiful accent to spring and summer wardrobes.
    Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant
  • Diamond Wedding Set

    This exquisite “Angelique” wedding set is by Kirk Kara. With its superbly cut center stone and surrounding stones of .52 carats is simply irresistible. Handcrafted, this finely fashioned set is truly a work of art. Its comprehensive design combines elements of modern style with traditional techniques, and its overall quality of graceful elegance is highly appealing and permanent.  Daniel Jewelers is happy to tailor the set to accommodate your customization requests.

    Diamond Wedding Set
  • Morganite and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings

    Rose gold is a fashion favorite and getting more popular every day! Cushion cut morganites (1.62 ctw) are beautifully set amidst a halo of diamonds in these 14k rose gold stud earrings.

    Morganite and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings
  • Yellow Carmella by Kirk Kara

    From Kirk Kara’s award winning Carmella collection, this stunning ring is set with a .84 yellow diamond at the center. With highly detailed accents like . 60 ct peek-a-boo diamonds and fine milgraining, this ring is handcrafted perfection!

    Yellow Carmella by Kirk Kara
  • Bi Color Tourmaline Pendant

    Fashion experts agree, every jewelry wardrobe should have at least one statement piece. Here it is! This 6.67 ct bi color tourmaline is surrounded by .60 ctw diamonds. From every angle, it says “WOW!” Designed and set by hand here at Daniel Jewelers.

    Bi Color Tourmaline Pendant
Fine, elegant, distinctive diamond, sapphire and other precious stone jewelry. Offering an exceptional selection and quality from bridal sets to fashion. You may choose from our wide selection of unique jewelry to set yourself apart from others, or choose from our more traditional pieces. Regardless of your purchase, you are assured a beautiful, quality piece of jewelry ... a timeless treasure.

Diamond Rings

Our exceptional offering of unique diamond rings will bring joy and luster to every special recipient and occasion. View our display of exquisite engagement, anniversary, or special friendship rings in the finest precision-cut shapes, including the marquise, oval, pear, emerald, and hearts elegantly mounted in stylish favored settings.
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Diamond Earrings

Skillfully designed diamond earrings reveal the clarity of their diamonds. Each separate diamond is unique, and none can prove absolutely perfect when examined under 10x magnification. Precious stones often contain birthmarks, either internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes).  However, clarity refers to the absence of such markings, and our quality diamond earrings are made of very slightly included (VS) or slightly included (SI) diamonds, to ensure the ultimate quality.
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Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants are excellent fine jewelry pieces for exhibiting both traditional and modern fashionable, precisely cut shapes. Whether your preference is a precious stone pendant containing diamonds with the oval, marquise, hearts, cushions, or triangle shapes, we offer you the very finest quality currently available.
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Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets display each precious stone beautifully. Every time the wearer moves her arm or gestures, the glamorous fire, sparkle, and brilliance of each diamond is revealed and enhanced. The customary 58 facets of round brilliant diamonds often used in bracelet settings are each approximately two millimeters in diameter. With such small facets, only the most precision cutting allows the true beauty of each lovely stone to shine forth.
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