Birthstone, anniversary stone, favorite gem, favorite color: just a few reasons to add colored gemstone earrings to your jewelry collection. Colored gemstones add elegance and personality to fine jewelry.

Blue Topaz Shimmer Earrings

Set in white gold with diamonds, these beautiful blue topaz earrings sparkle and shimmer with every movement! Matching pendant is available.

Amethyst & Rose Gold Leverback Earrings

Amethysts and rose gold are a striking combo, especially when set off with a diamond halo!

Sapphire and Diamond Dangle Earrings

Gorgeous blue sapphires are surrounded with sparkling diamonds in these lovely 14k white gold omega back earrings.

Purple & Green Amethyst Earrings

Doubly lovely amethyst earrings!  Each earring features textured 14k yellow gold encasing a round pale green amethyst and a pear shaped purple amethyst – topped with a sparkling diamond.

Venus Mother of Pearl & Diamond Earrings

These earrings sparkle and shine beautifully.  High polished white gold swirls around white Mother-of-Pearl discs that hang from diamond studded hoops.

Citrine Leverback Earrings

The golden shades of citrine add a bit of sunshine to every outfit. Set in 14k white gold, these checkerboard cut citrines earrings are perfect for warming the heart on any day!

Diamond and Sapphire Hoop Earrings

Some things are just meant for each other.  Like you and her, diamonds and sapphires complement and enhance each other.  These are the perfect symbol of everlasting love – and especially meaningful to those born in September, as sapphire is the birthstone for September.

Pink Sapphire Earrings

Pink sapphires are accented with diamonds in these lovely lever back drop earrings.  Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day!

White Topaz & Diamond Earrings

These classic drop earrings feature cushion cut white topaz and diamonds set in yellow gold.

Blue Topaz & Diamond Earrings

Set in white gold with sparkling diamonds, these lovely checkerboard cut blue topaz earrings are perfect for every day wear and for special occasions!

Tanzanite Earrings

Pear shaped tanzanites are accented beautifully with diamonds in these drop earrings.

Checkerboard Cut Citrine Earrings

Set in 14k yellow gold with a diamond halo, these lovely citrine earrings brighten up any outfit, any day!

Emerald & Diamond Drop Earrings

Lovely emeralds are set amidst swirls of white gold and diamonds in these 14k lever back earrings.

Amethyst & Amazonite Drop Earrings

From designer Frederic Duclos – set in sterling silver.