The exquisite color and clarity of diamonds are most often evident in diamond pendants. The quality of diamonds is judged according to how close these valuable gems come to lacking color. The less color present, the higher is the quality and value of the diamond. Some color differences in these precious stones may be very slight, making them virtually undetectable to the untrained viewer. Yet, such a subtle color difference can translate to a remarkable difference in price.

Most diamond pendants include diamonds of high quality and value, especially since this jewelry item is very easily visible and open to examination. Diamond clarity, or lack of internal and external birthmarks (inclusions and blemishes, respectively), is also of utmost importance to the design of an attractive diamond pendant. For the woman most near and dear to you, you want only the best quality obtainable when purchasing the gift of an elegant, lustrous diamond pendant. We can offer you just that, for all special dates and occasions. Visit us today at 1511 Route 22, Lakeview Plaza, Brewster, NY.

Shimmering Diamond Horseshoe Pendant

This .50 carat diamond shimmers and sparkles with every heartbeat.  Beautifully set in 14k white gold.

Diamond Pave Pendant

Stunning in 14k yellow gold, this contemporary style oval pendant sparkles with 69 pave set diamonds.

Circle & Oval Diamond Pendant

Show her she’s the center of your world, of your universe with this lovely diamond pendant.

Diamond Confetti Necklace

Diamonds (.20 ctw) sparkle in this 14k white gold setting.

Diamond Slider Necklace

Click on pic to see diamond in motion.  A fashion favorite for spring!

Diamond Halo Necklace

This variation on the classic halo pendant will make her feel like a princess all day everyday!

Diamond Halo Pendant

Brilliant sparkle from every angle!

Rose Gold and Diamond Pendant

24 diamonds are set in an oval of white gold and interwoven with an oval of rose gold.  Perfect as an anniversary or Mother’s Day gift!

Us Two Diamond Pendant

Nestled side by side, two beautifully matched diamonds are set in 14K white gold.  Accented with sparkling side diamonds to create a brilliant reminder of how much you mean to each other.

T/T Gold Disc & Diamond Pendant

This 14k yellow gold hammered disc is beautifully enhanced with a charming curlique of diamonds and white gold.

Two Tone Diamond Cross

Faith, love and fashion are beautifully represented in this 18K rose and white gold cross pendant set with .33ct. round diamonds.

Diamond Heart Pendant

This sparkling diamond heart pendant features a hidden bail.  Simple elegance makes this a gift she’ll treasure forever!

Blue Diamond Ocean Wave Pendant

Whether you’re anticipating a special vacation or remembering fun summer days, you’ll enjoy this pendant in 14 kt white gold set with blue diamonds.

Dazzling Diamond and Rose Gold Pendant

A half carat of diamonds are set in white gold with a ribbon of rose gold cradling the dazzling center diamond.

Diamond Circle Pendant

Tell her your love is forever with this beautiful diamond pendant.

Two Tone Shimmering Diamond Pendant

Start with the infinity symbol, add two colors of gold and shimmering diamonds – what do you get? The perfect gift to remind her your love will last forever.

Rose Gold & Diamond Circle Pendant

A ribbon of diamonds (.30 ctw) is interwoven with a ribbon of 14k rose gold for a lovely circle pendant with a twist!

Dancing Diamond Circle Pendant

Precision cut diamonds are set in a special way to allow the maximum reflection of light.  The center diamond delicately dances and sparkles with every breath she takes!

Harry Winstonesque

In a word, stunning! Eleven diamonds – five marquise, five princess and one pear shape (.87 ctw) – are cleverly set for a BIG look reminiscent of Harry Winston designs.